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1. Versatile everyday sauces


2. Cooking with whole and ground spices


3. How to eat a rainbow


4. Using nuts to make 'cheeses' and creams

Andy will demonstrate how to make a quick and easy cashew nut 'cheeses' and creams that can be easily and quickly made and have many uses in everyday plant based cooking. Andy will discuss it's uses in family eating and special occasions.


Savoury cashew 'cheese' – How a handful of cashew nuts can be prepared with other ingredients to make very satisfying, healthy savoury sides and toppings for flatbreads, salads and mains, breads or crackers.


Sweet almond creams – How a handful of of almonds can be combined with other nuts, fruits and sweeteners to make toppings and accompaniments for desserts and fruits.


Followed by a sweet and savoury taster supper using the 'cheeses' and creams demonstrated with tasty bites and sides.



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