Well-being in your Workplace

Poco Culina and Trained Personally have teamed up to offer businesses like yours lunchtime or evening well-being sessions, based on our combined skills in food, nutrition, personal training and massage.


A Well-being in your Workplace experience is designed to be good for both business and staff. Our combination of plant-based food and Chinese Tui-na neck massage creates a positive, relaxed environment to help people thrive at work.


How does it work?
All we need is a room which can seat around 12. Then, during a two-hour ‘drop in’ session – between 12-2pm or 5-7pm – you can enjoy a delicious, nutritionally balanced meal, an invigorating neck massage and advice on daily nutrition, combating stress, essential well-being and exercise.


How much does it cost?

A very affordable £16.50 per person. We work with groups of 12 at a time and can be paid either in full by a participating business or individually by each staff member.


Who are we?

Caspar Chamberlain of Trained Personally is a Chinese Tui-na massage, core fitness and nutrition coaching specialist. De-stress and free your neck with Chinese Tui-na massage, improve mood and productivity with increased blood flow to the brain.


Andy Tibbs is Head Chef and owner of Poco Culina, an expert in plant-based Mediterranean and Eastern cooking. Poco food is nutritionally balanced, sustainable, responsibly sourced and alive with taste and flavour.


We are all very different – the food we eat, the work we do, our leisure activities, where we live and who we live with all impact on our lives. We can learn a lot about ourselves when we take the time out to be healthy and positive.






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