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1. Versatile everyday sauces


2. Cooking with whole and ground spices


3. How to eat a rainbow

Andy will demonstrate how a Middle Eastern supper can, with a few well-chosen ingredients, cover key food groups in one meal using pulses, grains, vegetables, fruits and nuts. He will also discuss the preparation and nutritional benefits of different types of pulses.


A classic Middle Eastern one-pot – incorporating beans, sweet potatoes, dark green vegetables cooked in a classic rich, aromatic sauce.


Two Middle Eastern sides – a bulgur wheat tabbouleh with seasonings, vegetables, fruits and nut, a side salad with green lentils and fruits and a dairy-free yoghurt dip.


Followed by a Middle Eastern taster supper using the dishes demonstrated with tasty bites and sides.


4. Using nuts to make 'cheeses' and creams



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