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1. Versatile everyday sauces

Andy will demonstrate, in turn, two incredibly flavoursome sauces that can be mastered easily by cooks of all abilities. These sauces can, with the help of our recipe cards, form the base of many everyday family meals when combined with pasta, vegetables or pulses.


Mediterranean bechamel sauce – a white base sauce with incredible flavour which can form the basis of a carbonara and other white pasta sauces, creamed or baked vegetables and tarts and quiches of many types.


Mediterranean tomato sauce – a rich, deep tomato sauce with many layers which can form the basis of a variety of pasta, bean and spiced sauce dishes.


Followed by a Mediterranean taster supper using the sauces demonstrated with tasty bites and sides.


2. Cooking with whole and ground spices


3. How to eat a rainbow


4. Using nuts to make 'cheeses' and creams



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