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1. Versatile everyday sauces


2. Cooking with whole and ground spices

Andy will demonstrate the use of spices, seeds and fresh herbs in Eastern cooking and explain how spices can be used in different combinations to create different dishes that taste just like they do in your favourite Indian restaurant.


Yellow dal – an incredibly nutritious Indian pulse based dish. We’ll prepare the pulses, season the cooking water and temper the dal with a spiced oil.


A Masala sauce – a classic Indian base sauce with fresh vegetables. How do Indian restaurants create those layers of spice and flavour? The sauce will use an easy to prepare paste, spiced oil, a masala (spice blend) and fresh herbs.


Followed by an Indian taster supper using the spices demonstrated, with tasty bites and sides.


3. How to eat a rainbow


4. Using nuts to make 'cheeses' and creams



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